About us

How it all began

Cube Academy was conceptualized with the industry experts with over 20 to 30 years. It is their depth of knowledge and experience that lead to building this platform. The visionaries behind the concept took a plethora of subjects into coursework framework and narrowed it down to modules to create a knowledge hub of vast subject matters at your fingertips.


The vision of our company is to make education accessible to anyone who wants to learn it without the need of going to a college or university. We believe that e-Learning will transform the next generation of our labour force. 


Our mission is to give the best education to those who need it and get them through any hurdle of the contemporary education system or language barrier.

Our Goals and Objectives

1. To educate and train enthusiasts and individuals with the best study experience in the world.
2. To be the leading Education Academy who sets the benchmark for the industry.
3. To deliver the highest standard of education or training materials that produce quality students in every subject area.

Our Team

Cube Academy was built by a team of passionate people from different sectors bringing a wealth of knowledge which can be applied not only to learn but to earn. The team has a proven record of their personal career growth and their contribution to the economic development in different continents. The magnitude of their strengths is vivid in every course that is listed under Cube Academy.